Thank you for your interest in the Massachusetts National Guard. As lifelong members of your community, we have a vested interest in improving the lives, livelihoods, and educations of our fellow Bay Staters.

The Massachusetts National Guard has been defending and enhancing the Commonwealth for nearly four centuries. Today, we put a very large portion of our considerable resources, talent, and funding directly into our community outreach efforts. We look forward to continuing the traditions and precedents set by our forefathers by working together with educators like yourself to make Massachusetts a better, brighter, and safer place to live, learn, and serve.

Educational Seminars

We have developed a number of curriculum-based educational seminars, designed from the ground up to fit the educational needs and desires of our communities. All of our educational offerings are provided to your schools at no-cost.

We book all requests in the order in which they are received. Schools and community organizations across the Commonwealth are able to schedule these programs up to a year in advance, so be sure to submit your request as early as possible!

    Fill out the form below and a local rep will reach out to assist you with scheduling, and to answer any questions you may have.

    If you're interested in any particular programs, please select them below.

    STEM Robotics
    STEM Coding
    STEM Cyber Escape Challenge
    STEM Aviation Rescue Challenge
    STEM Citizen Earth Watch Water Quality Survey
    Impaired Driving Prevention
    GuardFit Challenge
    HEAR Anti-Bullying Seminar
    Career Direction Workshop
    Leadership Reaction Course

    If you have a date in mind, please enter it below.

    Be sure to follow us @MANationalGuard for photos and videos of our programs as they are presented across the Commonwealth!