FY 2023 Available Extension Bonuses (as of 01 October 2022)

  • 6 year extension – $20,000 Lump Sum Payment
  • 4 Year Extension – $12,000 Lump Sum Payment
  • 2 Year Extension – $5,000 Lump Sum Payment

Extension Bonus Qualifications:

  • Duty MOS Qualified
  • Pay Grade E3 – E7
  • Not greater than 13 years 1 month time in service (TIS) on contract start date

Combination: 6 year bonus CAN BE combined with Student Loan Repayment Program and MGIB-SR Kicker

MOS Conversion Bonus:

  • 3 Year Extension – $10,000 (term begins upon award of MOS)

MOS Conversion Bonus Qualifications:

  • E-6 or below
  • Less than 12 years time in service on contract start date and not in their initial service incentive agreement
  • Be serving in an excess position
  • Transfer to valid vacancy for an MOS less than 90% fill at the State level


  • Single Member: $48.47/month
  • Family Plan: $239.69/month
  • E-4 and below single deductible: $60
  • E-4 and below family deductible: $121
  • E-5 and above single deductible: $182
  • E-5 and above family deductible: $365


  • Service Member: $11.94/month
  • Single (1 dependent): $29.84/month
  • Member and family: $89.53/month

State Tuition and Fee Waiver

  • All serving MA ARNG Service Members
  • Authorized 130 credit hours
    • Use for undergrad or graduate degree, certificate programs, short-term certificate programs and noncredit courses at state community colleges, state colleges, and/or state universities.
    • Must submit and application PRIOR TO the start of each semester, print out the approved certificate, and submit the certificate to the school.

Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)

Benefits (up to 36 months)

  • Pays up to 100% of in-state tuition and fees at public schools
  • Pays private and out-of-state tuition and fees up to $26,831 annually.
  • Payments made directly to the school, pro-rated by payment tier
  • Pays a monthly housing allowance (MHA)
  • Pays a book and fee stipend (Up to $1,000 per year)
  • Post 9/11 Payment tiers based on BAH for E-5 w dependents:
    • At least 36 cumulative months, or Purple Heart recipients: 100%
    • At least 30 cumulative months: 90%
    • At least 24 cumulative months: 80%
    • At least 18 cumulative months: 70%
    • At least 6 cumulative months: 60%
    • At least 90 cumulative days: 50%


    The recent activation in support of the 59th Presidential Inauguration has been determined to be qualifying time for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.   The qualifying period is from 11-24 January (14 days) and is based on the National Special Security Event (NSSE) and Declaration of Emergency by the President.  

    MA ARNG Education Services would like to remind anyone who is on a qualifying ADOS order in support of the COVID-19 Pandemic or in support of the Southwest Border under Operation Guardian Shield,  that the order is qualifying time towards the Post 9/11 GI Bill. 

Federal Tuition Assistance

  • Up to $250 per semester hour, 16 semester hours per fiscal year ($4,000/year)
  • Lifetime limit of 130 semester hours for undergraduate; 39 semester hours for graduate
  • Up to 21 additional semester hours for a Transition Certificate not previously received within the past 5 years (must apply within 3 years of anticipated separation)
  • One academic credential at the following levels: Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s. Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate (No first professional certificates)

MGIB-SR Kicker

  • 6 Year Obligation
    • Full-time enrollment: $439.00 for each full month
    • 3/4-time enrollment: $329.00 for each full month
    • 1/2-time enrollment: $219.00 for each full month
    • Less than 1/2-time enrollment: $109.75 for each full month
    • Has not previously contracted for the MGIB-SR Kicker
    • Must extend DMOSQ in the grade of E7 and below
    • Soldiers may extend during their initial obligation after completing three years of service.


Thrift Savings Plan

  • Traditional Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
    • Similar to civilian employer 401(k) Plan
      • Invest Pre-Tax dollars
      • Investments follow stock market indexes
  • Roth Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
    • Similar to civilian employer IRA plan
      • Invest After-Tax dollars
      • Investments follow stock market indexes

Life Insurance (SGLI & FSGLI)

  • Service Members’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
    • Service member coverage available: $50,000 – $500,000 (effective March 01 2023),premium is $.06 per thousand dollars of coverage.
  • Family Service Members’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)
    • Spouse & children coverage available: $10,000 – $100,000
    • Spouse & children premiums range: $0.45 – $45.00/month
    • Child is included at no cost if you buy spouse insurance


  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)
    • Traditional Program – RTI JBCC – Drill Weekends – 18 Months
    • Accelerated Program – Active Duty – 57 Days
  • Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS)
    • Phase 1 – Distance Learning
    • Phase 2 – Five MUTA 5 Drills at the RTI JBCC
    • Phase 3 – 15 Days at Camp Atterbury, IN
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)/Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)
    • ROTC is part of your curriculum while you attend college
    • SMP’s are promoted to E5 and become a Cadet during drill to shadow leadership
    • Upon graduation, you will earn the commissioned rank of 2LT
    • Additional scholarships available

Inactive National Guard

  • Avoid IRR mobilizations & remain affiliated with the National Guard
  • CAC privileges continue
  • 4 hour paid muster per year (PHA at JFHQ)
  • No MEPS screening required
  • Easily reintegrated back on drilling status
  • Available to volunteer for deployments

MOS Re-Class

  • E-4 & below in the ETS Window (E5/E6 on case by case basis)
  • Qualifying line scores
  • No outstanding flags
  • Extend for 3 years
  • Transfer to a new unit
  • ATTRS seat will be requested and reserved

Active Duty Opportunities

  • AGR Branch Specific & Branch Immaterial Openings
  • ADOS Branch Specific & Branch Immaterial Openings
  • Title 10 Mobilization Opportunities

Military Discounts

  • Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Shades of Green, etc.
  • USAA, T-Mobile, Home Depot, Lowes, restaurants everywhere
  • Armed Forced Vacation Club
  • Discounted Movie Tickets and other entertainment discounts
  • Hotels, museums, historical sites, national landmarks, and more

Additional Benefits

  • Space A travel, discounted military lodging
  • Military One Source
  • VA Home Loans
  • MWR Resources
  • AAFES/BX/PX/Commissary

Contact Information

State Retention POC

MSG Ryan McKay

(617) 212-1926

Brigade Retention NCOs

Education & Incentives Services

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

    • Joseph Chesloski AFC M.Ed
    • Personal Financial Counselor – Assigned to Wellesley, MA
    • Phone: (774) 478-0130

Officer Opportunities

Active Duty Opportunities