As a Soldier in the Massachusetts Army National Guard, you are eligible for our 100% Tuition & Fee waiver at any state school in Massachusetts. Don’t want to go to a state school? No problem! We also offer Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA).  

100% Tuition & Fee Waiver 

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University of Massachusetts  

State Universities 

Community Colleges 

Federal Tuition Assistance 

FTA is financial assistance provided for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a Soldier’s professional and personal self-development goals. (Reference: AR 621-5, Army Continuing Education System) 

What do I get? 

For eligible Soldiers, FTA funds up to $250 per semester hour for up to 16 semester hours each fiscal year—all towards tuition to advance your education. Here’s a look at the FTA lifetime limits of the program: 

  • 130 undergraduate semester hours 
  • 39 graduate semester hours 

To be eligible, your college or university must be regionally or nationally accredited—and an ArmyIgnitED participant. 

CAN be used simultaneously with Chapter 1606/MGIB-SR for the same course, when attending half-time or more. 

FTA will pay toward one credential at each of the following levels: 

  • Associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree 
  • First professional degrees are NOT eligible (e.g., doctorate degrees, juris doctorates) 

Tuition assistance is for advancing your post-secondary education, so it may not be used to achieve a lower or lateral diploma or degree.

Remember, FTA is tuition assistance, which means it is for tuition only. It does not cover fees, examinations, e-learning or other expenses that are outside of an official degree plan.